Learning to Game and Gaming to Learn

This page was created to support a three-hour hands-on workshop at the 2007 CUE conference. Many of the following games will be used to offer participants hands-on experience and opportunities for discussion during the workshop.

Welcome Activity

What are your students learning from video games?
What is hard fun?
What do these things mean for your teaching?

Theoretical Overview

PowerUp: An Introduction to Video Games in Education

Free Online Games

Peter Packet teaches about IT and global poverty: http://www.peterpacket.org/
Dean for Iowa teaches about political activism: http://www.deanforamericagame.com/
http://www.furl.net/members/ewagner/ (Eva Wagner's archive of bookmarked free online games for kids)

Free Downloads

Food Force teaches about the UN's World Food Program: http://www.food-force.com
Anarchy Online: http://www.anarchyonline.com/ (Not Educational, but good way for teachers to experience an MMORPG for free)


ImpactGames' PeaceMaker teaches about conflict in the Middle East: http://ww.peacemakergame.com
Muzzy Lane's Making History teaches about World War II: http://www.making-history.com/
Tabula Digita's Dimenxian teaches Algebra: http://www.dimenxian.com/

More Resources


Reflection Activity

How might you use video games and simulations in your class?
What might your first step be?